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Delhi to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

How to visit Bharatpur bird sanctuary from Delhi?

How To Reach Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. – By Air: Jaipur, New Delhi, and Agra are the nearest airport to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Once you reach any of these airports, you can board a taxi or cab to reach Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. – By Rail: The closest railway station to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is Bharatpur Junction. Delhi to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary by road is one o best option to experience. distance from Delhi to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is 233 km. It is 4 hour to reach Delhi to Bharatpur by car.

Bharatpur National Park, Amongst one of the fascinating bird parks on the planet, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Bharatpur National Park also called as Keoladeo Ghana National Park is a park that gives security to fauna species also. Keoladeo, the name takes from an old Hindu temple, which is given to Lord Shiva and remains at the focal location of the national park. “Ghana” implies dense, alluding to the dense woodlands, which used to meet the area.

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Bharatpur bird sanctuary Information

Settling natural water-feathered beings and also transient water flying creatures and waterside feathered creatures, this haven is besides possessed by Chital, Nilgai, Sambar, and Boar. While a considerable part of India’s park has been conceived from the chasing state of royal India, Keoladeo, popularly known as Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, is maybe the first circumstances where a maharaja has made the environment. In earlier times, Bharatpur city used to be flooded regularly all monsoon.

In 1760, an earthen dam (Ajan Dam) was finished, to save the town, from this yearly plan of nature. The pain made by the extraction of soil for the dam was cleared. And this set into the Bharatpur Lake. Though the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is accessible throughout the year, still, the most suitable time to hit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is from August to November to observe the resident birds and from October to February to see the sight of immigrating birds.

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Time to visit Bharatpur bird sanctuary

The best time to see the park is from October to February when there are a lot of migratory birds. In other seasons, it can be relatively bird free. The best times for bird spotting are early evenings and mornings. Taj Mahal tour included in trip to Bharatpur bird sanctuary. Delhi to Bharatpur cab book with Taj Mahal Car rental company in Delhi Airport.

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