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Donald Trump Touring the Taj Mahal on 24th of Feb 2020

Agra Tourism, which is sickening unfavorably on account of less international visitors’ footfalls, can find relief by the presumed visit of the U.S. President. Donald Trump touring the Taj Mahal is a good indication for the tourist business in Agra. For several years, the arrival of national and international visitors are decreasing.

Touring the Taj Mahal – Tourism at World Heritage Site

Donald Trump Taj Mahal Tour will Furnish Lift to Agra Tourism

The past year 2019 saw a remarkable drop in the Taj Mahal Tour and night halt of visitors in Agra hotels. The Taj Mahal India is seeing for Donald Trump touring the Taj Mahal, and the arrangements are in full motion. There had been several causes such as pollution hype in Delhi, Revoking of section 370 in Kashmir, Agitations on CAA matter, and, eventually, the disaster of Coronavirus within China.

Foreign Dignitaries’ journey to the Taj Mahal will Furnish Lift to Agra Tourism, and It has been noted that any head of state visits the Taj Mahal or any delegations appear. It gives a stimulus to Taj Mahal tourism. The inhabitants of those nations become excited to visit the Taj Mahal. The worldwide media coverage is done, and the Taj Mahal wins a lot of publicity. People see it as suitable to encourage the Taj Mahal India.

Tourist Attractions in Agra – Taj Mahal Day Tour (Best Tour of India)

It conveys the right message regarding India’s culture, infrastructure, tradition, and hospitality traditions. When Ex U.S. President Bill Clinton attended the Taj Mahal India around two decades behind, we witnessed a fantastic hike in U.S. visitors. Thus, when Yanni concert was performed in the backdrop of the Taj Mahal India, there appeared unusual growth of travelers in the Taj Mahal India; sadly, the Taj Mahal could not entertain President Barak Obama when his India visit.

Taj Mahal at Donald Trump visit on 24th of Feb 2020

It is in the air that the U.S. President is expected to visit the abstract of Love-The Taj Mahal India with his wife Melania Trump during his India visit. The experts say that Donald Trump may be at the Taj Mahal on the 24th of Feb 2020 during the perfect sunset time. He is getting to Delhi on that day and will accompany the program “Namaste Trump” at Ahmadabad and later is expected to do the Taj Mahal tour with family.
Uttar Pradesh, one of the states of the whole country with Agra peoples, is waiting for the moment of Trump at the Taj Mahal.

Many security groupings are assigned for this plan, and other significant preparation is done for his Taj Mahal tour. As usual, with the head of states, he will arrive at Kheria Airport in Agra and later will continue to tour to the Taj Mahal. He can also take part in the cultural show “Mohabbat the Taj” at Kalakriti Auditorium with his family.

donald trump message

U.S. President Donald Trump’s message

U.S. President Donald Trump’s message in the visitor’s book at the Taj Mahal India

“Taj Mahal inspires awe, a timeless testament to the rich and diverse beauty of Indian culture! Thank you, India.”

Writing his traveling activity in the taj mahal the visitor’s book, Trump said the Taj Mahal had motivated him, and it is a timeless testimonial to the intense and distinct beauty of Indian culture.

  • Donald Trump Taj Mahal visit during sunset time
  • Attend cultural show “Mohabbat the Taj”  with his family.
  • Donald Trump Taj Mahal visit: Agra Mayor to Welcome US President With a ‘Silver Key’
  • Taj Mahal premises cleared of visitors by noon for Donald Trump Taj Mahal
  • the First Lady enjoyed the view of the marble taj mahal.

Us President visits India.

Donald Trump’s India Tour 2020 can pave a new way for Indo-U.S-Relations. For a couple of years, both the countries have gone too far in better bonding their mutual ties. Both the democracies- the oldest and the other largest will strengthen their relations for the better benefit of humanity. I am hopeful that some agreements will be signed for the strategic ties and war against terrorism.


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